Palm Coast / Flagler Beach Real Estate Listings

26 photos
17 Lakeside Way
$287,000 2,012 sq. ft.
29 photos
6 Meridian Home Path
Flagler $1,200,000 7,624 sq. ft.
25 photos
14 Ferguson Court
3-Palm Coast $374,900 2,164 sq. ft.
44 photos
64 Faircastle Lane
Flagler County Board of Realtors $360,000 2,049 sq. ft.
19 photos
14 Barring Place
Flagler $349,333 2,842 sq. ft.
31 photos
2672 S Ocean Shore Blvd
2-Flagler Beach $324,998 1,470 sq. ft.
17 photos
1100 Canopy Walk Lane, Suite 1122
Flagler $199,900 1,377 sq. ft.
41 photos
34 Ranwood Lane
3-Palm Coast $187,600 1,497 sq. ft.
13 photos
24 Westhampton Dr
3-Palm Coast $142,500 1,238 sq. ft.
1 photos
44 Wellwood Ln
Flagler $19,000 12,000 sq. ft.

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Jill Fitzgerald 15 Utility Drive
Suite D
Palm Coast, FL 32137 Phone: 386-447-7550 Fax: 386-447-7311 Email Jill